iDialer 0.54

iPhone-style dialer for your Pocket PC


  • Smart, finger-friendly interface


  • Doesn't add new functionality to your PPC
  • Skinning doesn't extend to your Contacts menu

Not bad
The default phone dialer built into Windows Mobile 5 and 6 isn't that bad, but it is starting to look a little outdated now.

iDialer is designed to replace your number pad with a more modern looking, iPhone-style skin. Thanks to the large buttons and clear design of the interface, the application is very finger-friendly, improving the speed in which you can tap phone numbers in.

iDialer includes a few basic telephone functions, such as contacts, a start call button, and call history. These are all easily accessible from a menu underneath the number pad. You can even skin this menu, although this involves a lot of faffing around with the settings.ini file, so it's not recommended for inexperienced users.

The main problem I have with iDialer is that it doesn't really add any new functionality to Windows Mobile. Sure, you get a nice iPhone-type keypad, but it's really just a shell whose appearance doesn't extend anywhere else, such as your Contacts, for instance.

If you're desperate to make your Pocket PC look like an iPhone then iDialer might be worth a look, but don't expect any revolutionary changes to the way you make calls.



iDialer 0.54

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